A creche is available during our 11.00am Sunday morning service for families with young children. Parents are able to attend the morning service, leaving their children in our creche where there are lots of toys and activities.

The creche is supervised by three adults and the children are provided with juice and a snack. Those wishing to use the creche can drop their children off before the service begins and pick them up at the end.

We hope to do all that we can to help families with young children come along to church.

Back & Tong Sunday School (P1 - S2)

We have two Sunday Schools which meet at 12.30pm every week. The Sunday School for children in Gress and Back meets in the Church Hall in Back and the Sunday School for children in Tong which meets in the Tong Mission House. Both of these Sunday Schools are open to all children from P1 to S2.

Sunday School is split into classes according to age group. Each class follows a programme of lessons and activities aimed at providing the children with a solid understanding of Christianity and the teachings of the bible.

In addition to these lessons there are summer outings, Christmas parties and annual prizegivings.

Bible Buddies (P1-P3 and P4-P7)

Bible Buddies is a structured Youth Club that meets in the Church Hall at Back on a Monday and Tuesday on a fortnightly basis during term time.

Bible Buddies on a Monday evening meets from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. It is open to all children in P1 to P3. Bible Buddies on a Tuesday evening is for all children in P4 to P7, which meets from 6.30 pm to 8 pm.

Each club includes games, crafts, puppets, songs and a devotional time where kids can have loads of fun and learn more about Jesus.

All leaders are disclosure checked to ensure that Child Protection regulations are adhered to.