God is Good Africa

God is Good Africa is a mission that our congregation has been involved with since 2003.
One of our elders, Kenny John Mackenzie and his late wife Ishbel, committed to relocate to Uganda and assist in the work of Africa Bible University.

This work became their life’s focus. Several spells of living in Uganda have since been followed by Kenny making repeat trips to oversee ongoing building projects. 
The University continues to supply a steady stream of evangelical graduates who go on to serve in ministry across Africa. 
The commitment of the Mackenzies has been  supported by our congregation and others by the God is Good Africa support group. Fundraising events are a regular feature and Kenny makes sure that we receive updates on the  progress of various projects. 

Moldova Support Group

Moldova Support Group charity was formed with the prayerful aim of formalising partnerships with Biserica Sfânta Treime (Holy Trinity Church) in Nisporeni, Republic of Moldova. These relationships began around 2001 through Blythswood, and continue today through the work of Lewis Moldova with Charlie Nicolson of Stornoway.

In 2015 the ladies of Back Bible Study began to support the Nisporeni hospital and it was decided that a formal Board of management with charitable registration and new financial systems would be set up to develop this new partnership.

By November 2016 the Moldova Support Group (MSG) charity was registered as Scottish Charity No: SC048857 (visit website).

We thank the Lord for hugely successful youth ministries in Nisporeni, supported by MSG teams from Scotland. Together with other projects, and the ongoing funding of a stipend towards the Pastor’s ministry, the gracious generosity of friends in Scotland has been a powerful witness of God’s blessing on us all.

Back Free Church is a significant contributor to the monthly stipend and a new partnership has begun with Corinth Reformed Church, Hickory, North Carolina who supplement the stipend every month so that the pastor can now concentrate on a full-time ministry.

Many of the young people who were supported from the earliest days of mission are now grown up and demonstrating their own committed Christian lives as they share the Gospel message of eternal salvation. The current pastor, Alex Ulinici, is an example of that.

The focus of our work has therefore adapted to this blessed development, allowing us to empower, encourage and enable His people in Nisporeni to be ambassadors for Christ in their town. Our priority is supporting the Gospel ministry in Nisporeni together with the delivery of projects to the poor, families, and youth in the region.

“How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” Romans 10:14

WEC International

WEC International is a mission agency founded in 1913 by C.T. Studd.  It seeks to reach out to people who have limited or no access to the good news of Jesus Christ, particularly where there is no church.  WEC stands for ‘Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ’.  You can learn more by visiting the following websites:



Karina Macleod joined WEC in 1991.  She worked for seventeen years at its residential Missionary Training College (MTC) in south-east Brazil. Her roles included teaching and mentoring young South Americans as they prepared for crosscultural service, following God’s leading.  Graduates are today found in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Since returning home in 2009 to help look after her mum, Karina has been part of WEC UK’s Member Care team, offering support to UK workers in a variety of ways at home and abroad.  Part of her ‘member care’ focus is promoting lifelong learning.  There are also occasional opportunities to visit WEC’s various MTCs.

Each type of ministry has been rewarding and interesting.  Whether it’s teamwork in Brazil or under WEC UK’s home base, Karina is grateful to God for openings to invest in young students and in colleagues of all ages. 

Back Free Church, her home church, has supported Karina and the work of WEC in many ways throughout this time.  There continue to be regular opportunities for WEC workers to share at church meetings and for prayer items to be passed on, which is a great blessing. 

Abraham Oasis

Abrahams Oasis is situated in Tigray, Ethiopia. Catherina Van Den Bosch (Kerin) established Grace Village in 2006 when she was granted 15 hectares of land to develop into a home for vulnerable children.
In 2009 the United Nations developed guidelines for childcare where they underlined the value of family reunification.
Abrahams Oasis started an intensive family tracing activity which resulted in a good outcome. Kinfolk were located, vetted and deemed safe. The host family was asked to prepare a small income generating business which was supported with funding and training being provided.
These activities have placed Abrahams Oasis in the ideal position to support, help, counsel and reunify unaccompanied minors with their families that became essential during the recent time of conflict.
Abrahams Oasis has trained, helped and supported vulnerable women and families to create the means whereby they may support their families through micro enterprise activities for a number of years.
Back Free Church has been supporting Abrahams Oasis for several years, particularly through Bible Buddies events.